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Power Plant | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10629327
1 Value: INR 1.80 Million | Installation & Providing of Healthy TV Signal Round the Clock in NHPC Campus & its Maintenance. | Due on 16-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 9835528
2 Supply of Spares - Tail Rotor Control Chain Mlg Shock Strut Main Landing Gear Wheel Programmer Antenna Amplifier Erection Cutout Switch Recorder Unit Solenoid Valve Check Valve Selector Switch Bore Landing Lamp V/Uhf Antenna (Unit 29) Control Panel (19a) Control Panel (10g) Tank Unit Service Tank Nrv (Vip) Booster Pump Assy Remote Control Panel Solenoid Air Intake Elctro Magneticvalve) Tank Unit Lh Pneumatic Control Unit For Mi Series H/C - Mode Of Tendering Is On Lte Basis. Firms Willing To Abide By Dpm-09 Need Only Respond To The Rfp. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 9872701
3 Supply Of Spares For An-32 A/C – , Cap, Split Pin, Ring, Coupling, Clamp, Gasket, Bolt, Bolt, Bushing, Cover, Moisture Trap, Clamp, Cable, Pin, Cable, Lh, Bolt, Clamp, Leg, Wing Centre Section Cover, Bolt, Pipeline, Strap, Clamp, Bolt, Spirial Lock, Spirial Lock, Antenna Connector, Sealing Ring, Capacitor, Screw, Relay. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Recreational Services | Jharkhand | TID: 10455578
4 Procurement Of Outdoor Wireless LAN Equipments- , Rocket M5, Nano Bridge M5 – 25dBi, Nano Station M5, Nano Station M5 Loco, Bullet 2.4 Ghz., TP-Link (5 GHz.) Outdoor AP, 900 – 20 dBi Sector Antenna (5 GHz), 5 GHz. 30dBi Grid Parabolic Antenna, Rocket Dish (5 GHz), (12~15dBi) Omni Antenna (2.4 GHz), Antenna Connector Pigtail(n-female), Antenna Pigtail Surge Suppressor, Shielded Cat 5e with Drain Wire, Shielded RJ 45 Connector, Guyed Mast Towers (12” Face)- Fabrication, Installation & Dismantling, Wireless IP Telephones, LED/LCD Display Units & Signage’s – USB Interface With Software, Printing Of Suwidha Passes . | Due on 06-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10551950
5 Supply of GG Marine IV Antenna. | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Karnataka | TID: 10594081
6 Auction Sale Of E Waste Items, Cables Items, Mast & General Iron Items, Battery Items, , Inverter, Ups, Static Inverter, Window Ac Units With Stabilizer, A/C Unit Split Type, Window Ac Units With Stablizer , 256 Rax Stablizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer , Servo Max Stabilizer , 12v Avr Charger, 12 V Battery Charger , Sevomax Stabilizer, Power Panel (Small), Line Terminal Panel, Lt Panel 5.5'x5.25, Vacuum Cleaner, Bpl Vaccume Claener 800w, Auto A/C Stabilizer, Epb-Telephones, Hand Micro Telephones, Coin Box Instruments, Std Pt Monitor, Milt Channel Modems, Cot Unit 1/14 -Main Rack, Rt Boxes 5+4 Nos 1/14, 256 Cdot Printers, Sbm Rax Distrubation Panel, Ccm Card (Burnt), Ccm Cards, Cdot 256 Mp Panel, Adp, Cdot Cards, Lcc Cards , Cdot Console, Cdot Monitor, Ilt Cards, Cdot Memory Cards , Ccm Cards, Isp & Cntl Cards, Cm Cabinate L Type With 4 Card Cages, Cml &Tubes With Mb, Mother Board, Mother Board Frames, Cdot Mother Board Pcb Rsu,Rax Interface, Isp Cards, Cdot Cards, Lcc Cards, Lcc Cards (Burnt), Lcc/Ccm/Dts Cards, Cdot Exchange Cards, Trk Card, Psu Cards, Lcc Cards, Pcbs, Dtc (Cdot Trunk Bm Card), Pcb Cards Faulty, Clck, Swch , Psu, Vcp, Vde, Vhc, Console, Console Vdu, Console (Monitor +Ekb), Rsu Console With Key Board, Console With Accessories, Iop Console, Cdot Mbm Consoles, Cdot Mbm Consoles-Key Boards, Ivrs, Vdus, Vdu, Frs-Pc&Its Accessories(Cerebra), Computer Sets, Computer Set (Cpu , Key Bd & Mouse), Printers, Computer, Monitor ,Keyboard &Mouse, Cpu, Sfmss Pc & Terminal, Smc, Monitor & Cpu, Electronic Keboard, Monotor, Mouse, Printer, Fax Machines, Modi Xerox Machine, Toshiba Xerox Machine, Modi Xerox Machine, Fwt Lst 230 Model, Fwt Lst 2608 Model, Fwt Antenna, I/D Fwt Antenna, Fwt , Ifwt, Ifwt, Fwt/Ifwt, Fwt Without Charger, Wll System, O D Antenna Wll, Ifwt Wll, Lg Fwt , Lg Wll Terminal, Ifwt, Wll Old Lg Box, Wll Antenna(Big Size), Wll Antenna(Small Size), Wll Smps W/O Bty, Cordect Wll Wallset, Frs Cordect With Battery, Wll 12v Smps Charger With Battery, Wll 12v Smps Charger Without Battery&Control Card, Switching Power Supply(Wll Charger), Wll Charger With Bty, Smps 12v Charger Wll, Patch Panel Antena, Antena Coupler Unit, Control Unit, Wll Antenna, Wll Chargers, Wll Chargers, Wll Chargers, Wll Smps, Wll Patch Panel, Wll Phones, 12v Smps Charger (Wll), 12v/7ah Cordect Charger, Wll Ifwt, Wll Ifwt, 12v/7ah Wll Smps, Switched Ps Unit Ifwt, 12 V Wll Smps Charger, 10 Chl Uhf Bay, 10 Channel Digital Uhf, Digital Microwave System, 30 Chl M/W Bay, 30 Chl M/W System, 30 Chl Pcm Equipment Rack, Dedicated Radio Sys Vhf, Uhf Transmission, 2/15 Share Radio Sysrem, 2/15 Share Radio Sysrem, 2/15 Bsu, 2ghz/2mb Digital M/W System, 2ghz/30chl Digital Radio System, 2ghz/8mb Digital M/W System, Mw 2gc 2mb, Mw Uhf 2mb, Mw Uhf Arm, Uhf Bay, Uhf Radio System, 2/8mb Uhf Bay & 25 Mtr Rf Cable, Uhf Media Eqpt, Uhf Bay, Uhf , Cordect Antenna (Big Size), Remote Terminal Unit, Bimc, Buic, Diu With Cards Pimc, Cordect Bsc (Iti Make), Cordect Antenna (Small Size), Cordect Wll Adoptors, Cordect Wll Antena, Cordect Wll Cable, Cordect Eqpt , Wall Set, Cordect Rbs Ground Units, Cordect Wallsets, Cordect Wall Set, Cordect Charger, Cordect Wall Sets, Cordect Wll Terminal, Frs Cpm Units, Cordect Eqpt Wll Distributor Iti, Cordect Eqpt Wll Distributor Iti, 4/36 Marr Equipment, 4/36 Marr Rsu, 4/36 Marr Rsu, 4/36 Marr Bsu, 4/36 Marr Bay, Marr Sys Rsu, Marr Remote Station Unit, Marr Base Station Unit, Marr Bsu Tx Rx If Cards, Marr Antenna Clays, Marr Antenna, Marr Battery Charger, 4/36 Marr Base Station Unit, 4/36 Marr Base Station Unit, Remote Subs Unit Marr, Marr Eqpt, 4/36 Marr Utrs Base Station, Yagi Marr Antenna Withrfcable 50mtr, Pair Gainer, Utl Marr Rsu Units, 100 A Power Plant Smps Module, 100amps Power Plant Modules Uptron, 25 A Power Plant Smps Module, 25 A Smps Module, Power Plant Modules, 25a Power Plant Modules(Xl Telecom), 25a Power Plant Modules(Amaraja), 25a Power Plant Modules(Dacs), 25a Power Plant W/Omodules(Dyna), 25a Power Plant Modules(Dyna), 25a Power Plant Modules(Iti), 25a/ 50v Pp Modules, 100a Pp Modules, 25a Powerplant Modules, 25a P/P Modules , 100a Smps Powerplant Modules, 100a Power Plant Sub Units Modules, 100a Iti Modules, 25a Powerplant Milt, Powerplant 25a (W/O Modules), Powerplant Rack With 2 Modules, Smps Power Plant With (4+3) Modules, 100a X5 Power Plant, 48v/25a Rectifier, 100a X 4 Powerplant Rax With Module, 100a Power Plant Rack, 100a Power Plant Rack(Iti), 100a Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, Power Plant 25a (W/O Modules), Power Plant 25a(W/O Modules, Power Plant 25a, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack(Dacs), 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack(Dyna), 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, Conventional Power Plant, 25a Powerplant Modules, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conven | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10606823
7 Auction sale of Miscellaneous Items -- Subs cable Trough 2 meters, UPS 2 KVA uniline, Cable fault Locator, Coin Box, WLL Antenna, S type chair, Wheel chair, Steel table, Waste Paper 500 Kgs [appr], CDOT TU Frame, Avery scale [10 kgs], Main Box, Water filter, Water Drum, Cash box iron, Coin Box, Steel Almerah, Tube light frame, Rolling chair, S type chair, Switch board cable 25 Mtr bit, FWT WLL SMPS, Patch Panel Antenna, Antenna Cable, Fire Extinguisher, CDOT LM Rack with door [Without cards], Large tube light frame, Diesel Tank 200 Litre, Power Plamt Module 100 A [ITI], E-Waste Items --- Monitor, CPU, Printer, Fax Machine, Printer 132 column, Computer key board, Monitor, STD PT Meter, EPBT, WLL Mobile, FWT WLL Instrument, 90/16 line concentrator exchange end equipment [Pair gain system], Push button key board, Printer, Emergency lamp, DP Meter, CDOT cards, EPBT Instrument, CDOT cards, CDOT ADP, Batteries, Miscellaneous Items -- AB Post with socket, A4 BC Post with socket,4 wire Bracket, 1 Inch G.I Pipe, MARR Tower, E-Waste Items -- Battery Iron stand [Iron rail Rod][300 kgs appr], Battery Iron cover [36 kgs appr], Battery cover [plastic][5 kgs appr], Exhaust fan, Tube light reflector, Ceiling fan, AC Unit stabilizer, Diesel Pump, Power plant Module 100 A SMPS[Amararaja], 0.5 KVA UPS with BTY, Analaog MARR Equipment Indoor unit , Steel Locker 8 feet, Dining Table [wooden], Old steel bereu 4 feet , S Type chair, Steel Locker 6 feet, Steel window, 7X 100 A Power Plant [Exicom] Sl.No.06001073, 1 KVA Invertors, 512 MDF Aluminum Make, Trunk Board skeleton [2 ftX 6 ft] [50 kgs appr], Ceiling fan large, Exhaust fan, Wall Mounting fan, 4 KVA Voltage Regulator, 7.5 KVA E/A control Panel Kirloskar, Type Writer machine old, Fire Bucket damaged, Fire cylinder, Rodo meter, Computer chair damaged, Wooden S Type chair, Folding chair, S Type chair, Disply Board iron make[50 kgs appr], Wooden pieses [ 4 X 6 ft size], 200A Charger Box [2X 1X0.5 ft iron box] skeleton, Unassorted corroded iron items, Old Telephone Directories, FWT WLL Antenna, FWT WLL Antenna Cable, IRON SCRAP, POST & Miscellaneous Items -, 1.5 KVA AC Generator Make Electrodyne, A tube without socket, A4 BC Post with socket, AB Post with socket, AB Socket, 4 Wire Bracket, A4 BC socket, L GI Bracket [ 2 ft X 2 ft ], L angle Bracket [ 2 ft X 2 ft], Unassorted corroded iron items 700 Kgs [appr] --, Battery set Rail Path [1.5 ft L X 0.5 ft B], Iron Frame [ 3 ft H X 2 ft B X 2 Ft L], Iron Strip [ 1 ‘’ X 0.5 “ X length 10 ft], Iron strip [ 2 “ X 0.5 “ X length 10 ft], Wooden stand [ 1 ft X 1 Ft X 3 Ft], Run Way [ 2 ft X 5 ft ], Run way [ 1 .5 ft X 5 ft ], MARR Tower Block [Dismandled], MARR Tower [Erected condition], UHF Parabolic Antenna [ 3 mtr dia], S Type Armed Chair [ damaged], Steel File Rack [ 10 ft L X 1 ft B X 3 ft H], Computer chair [ Damaged], Old coin Box, Recovery damaged cable bits 25 kgs appr, A&G Partion Door [3 ft X 6 ft], Fire Extinquisher [4.5 Kgs], Corroded diesel pump, Damaged Light domp [ 2 ft X 2 ft], 100A change over switch, Emergency light [ 2 ft Hight], AC Unit Stabilizer, LM suite Skeleton [ 2 ftX3 ftt X 6 ft], AC Cable [125 sq mm] 10 Mtr [appr], AC stabilizer Box, TU Frame skeleton, UPS 500 VA [Damaged], MDF Wall Mounting Frame [3 ft X 6 ft], DDF Frame [2 ft X 1 ft X 10 ft], FWT WLL Charger, FWT SPV Charger, AC Unit stabilizer [Max Power] [ 4 ftX 2 ft X 2 ft], ITI Power Plant Extension Rack , CDOT LM Rack Skeleton with door, Surge Protection device [Delta], CDOT TU frame [corroded], Surge Protector [ Amararaja], Parabolic Antenna [ 3 mtr dia], FWT WLL Antenna cable 30 mtr, FWT WLL Phone charger, Cell Antenna cable 30 Mtr, Fire Extinquisher, Printer Table [Damaged], MARR Tower 15 Mtr [Erected condition], Unassorted corroded iron items 50 Kgs [appr], Iron sheet [ 2 ft X 2 ft X10 Ft], Iron Rod [0.5 inch X 1 inch] length 12 ft, Iron Runway [ 1 ft B X 5 ft H ], Bty empty iron cover 200 kgs appr, Fire Extinquisher, Computer Chair [Damaged], Misc Items --2 X 100A Power Plant [Amararaja] SMPS, Exhaust fan, Steel chair , Steel Table, Table fan, 60 KVA E/A cylinder Head[ damaged], CDOT LM Rack with 6 frames, EB change over panal chamber, MDF 512 Port , Battey empty iron cover [100 kgs appr], 12V SMPS for FWT, Diesel pump, MUX frame, STD BOOTH [TEAK WOOD MAKE], BTY empty iron cover[150 kgs appr], Pillar shell [Corroded], Iron conduit pipes [Unassorted sizes] used for old electrical wiring, 1 KVA Invertor [At KUG], CDOT DTU Frame, CDOT TU Frame, CDOT OM Alaram, CDOT MDF [Floor mounting], E/A change over switch, Switch Fuse, AC-DC Change over Box, Fire Alarm Panel, Iron conduit pipes [Unassorted sizes] used for old electrical wiring [100 Kgs appr], Wooden Battery stand, E-Waste Items --IOP, Split AC units, IOP, EPBT Instruments,CCB Instruments,IOP [At KUG], E-Waste Items ---MARR VPT Base , Unassorted corroded iron items, Old telephone directories, Unassorted iron items, Alarm Disply Panel, Energy | Due on 27-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Maharashtra | TID: 10614215
8 Auction Sale Of Main Constituents Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Arising From Sss Items, Ber Items, Ber E-Waste Items, Ber Hazardous Items- Capacitor Micro 160v-8mk, Unit 4c 102 (Yp), Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.7, Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.11, Stud, Ball Race, Sealing Ring, Coupling Block, Breaksing Motor Sr. No. 6671596, Bracking Motor Sr No. 6671590, Filter Insert, Motor Sl. No. 6849244, Torque Synchro, Zero Setting Ring, Cable Contact, Firing Lever X 92-5-1, Contact Device, Amplifier, Contactor X 23-201-71, Overcurrent Relay, Relay X 22-303-28 Vdc, Check Valve Connection 6, Check Valve Connection 13, Reducing Valve, Relief Valve, Pump Plessey C18k (Ut), Electric Motor, Contact Device, Electric Unit, Matching Unit, Indicating Unit For Coincidence Postion, Sealing Strip, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Carrier, Spring, Spring, Spring, Damping Plate Complete, Spring, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Yoke Unit, Driving Unit Right Hand, Driving Unit Right Hand With 4 Piper Assorted Sizes, Electrical Motor, Dise Brake, Chain Wheel, Clutch Sr No. 77-19771, Driving Shaft, Shaft, Driving Shaft, Spring, Piston, Automatic Fuse, Overcurrent Relay, Resistor, Relay, Resistor, Push Button For Lamp, Push Button, Signal Lamp, Push Button, Push Button For Lamp, Contactor X 23-102-71, Electrical Switch, Transformer, Fuse Holder, Resistor, Handle, Fuse Base X 24-201-25, Relay X 22-302-28vdc, Relay X 22-302-115 400hz, Relay, Signal Lamp X 26-9008-28, Fuse Cover X 24-202-25, Rectifier, Ball Bearing N50-306-7209b, Transfirring Arm, Sliding Cable, Sealing Strip, Standard Parts Set, Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Rod, Cleaning Cloth, Geared Pin, Spring Compressor, Box (325x105x211m), Test Instrument For Amplifier Laying Machinery No.1185, Box (500x310x250mm), Test Equipment For Fuse Setting And Firing, Firing Circuit Testor, Pin Contact, Clamp, Fuse, Pin Contact X 11-9001-2, Terminal X 11-12-2, Socket Contact X 11-9001-1, Ittrj Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connections Length 60 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 54 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 43 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 90 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 80 Cms, Cable Connector 38 Pins (Male), Cable Connector 19 Pins , Male Plug, Female Plug, Hand Driven Transmitter, Dynamic Transmitter D7-11, Phase Detectore Ra 818 115-120v, Recorder En 34t, Contact Panel 18 Pole 1 134 858, Contact Panel 25 Pole 114 728, Contact Panel 10 Pole 1 134 859, Test Panel, , Pin, Funnel 71-5241-7133, Hammer, Jimmy, Device For Disemgaging The Stop, Safty Pin, Sear Spring, 01-8 Rammer Sear, 01-9 Sear Pin, 1-10 Washer, Piston Ring, Reflector Lock, 01-24 Ring, 01-27 Pipe Connection Ring, 01-41 Fluro Plastic Ring, Contact, Switch, Buffer, Stop Spring, 02-13 Lock Ring, 02-18 Latch Spring, 02-19 Latch Pin, Lock Pin, 02-29 Stop Spring, 02-32 Stop Pin, 02-35 Extractor Spring, 02-37 Follower Pin, Feeding Device, 02-40 F D Spring, 02-41 Lock Ring, 02-42 Roller, 02-43 Cramp Iron Pin, Barrel Catch Pin, Stop Spring, Rivet, Lock Pin, Lock Screw, Piston Ring, Valve Spring, Washer, Ring, Pin, Safty Pin, Pneumatic Valve Ring, Cylinder Ring, Nut Bush, Valve Bush, Lock Ring, Washer, Follower Spring, Roller Pin Ring, Body Roller, Spring, Pin, Smaller Rack Arm, Shaft Lock Pin, Arm Spring, Larger Rack Arm, Contact Spring, Cartridge Case Ring, Front Ring, Safty Pin, Latch Spring, Rear Ring, Ring, Packing Ring, Spring Ring, Washer, Plug Gasket, Cotter Pin 32 X 32.019, Drift, Collar, Spring, Cylindrical Wheel, Main Gear, Hose 71-5241-2255, Hose 71-5241-2259, Filter, Pad, Reducer, Reducing Valve, Pipe M2m6 X 1, Mandrel, Gauge For Quadrant 71-5241-7107, Push Rod, Can For Thick Lubricant, Extractor Of Breech Ring Axle, Hook For Removing Of Rubber Ring, Thong, Wrench, Socket Wrench-10, Tap Wrench, Wrench, Wrench, Screw Driver 7810-1306, Screw, Ring, Lock Pin 4(P)2 2a 252, Ring C(P) 66-49-6, Lubricator With Ball M10 X 1, Insert, Receptacle, Cable Ht, Electric Motor With Spares, Electric Motor With Spares, Electro Pneumatic Valve, Micro Switch A802b, Generator )G) 650(F) With B (G) Gh, Electric Motor (D) 600t(F) With Brush Mtc-8, Selsyn Kc-4 Type, Contractor Of Km-100 D-B, Contractor Of Km-50 D-B, Plate P-66-10 3pc21-10, P(P) -4 Polarized Relay, Relay, Relay Of 8713 Type, Fuse, Fuse, Capacitor, Capacitor, Capacitor Kbg(I)-4-200-0.025+10%, Mains Defence Automatic Machine A3 C10, Resistance Mlt-0.5-200+-10%, Resistance, Diode, Rectifiering Diode, Diode, Transistor, Rectifiering Diode, Transistor, Stabilitron, Collar, Collar 40*62, Wire, Wire, Transformer, Spare Parts For Contractor, Spare Parts For Electrical Motor, Fuse Holder Ha4-810-008, Relay, Capacitor, White Pipe Iii-Tb-40t-230t-3-5, White Pipe, Black Or Green On Thread, Varnished Cloth, White Pipe, Sand Paper, Drift, Wrench, Wrench, Screw, Screw, Antom Forceps, Amplifier (U)-4m, Ring, Hose Working Pressure 150kg/Cm2, Hose Working | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10622235
9 Auction Sale of Miscellaneous Items --Stand for CDOT 256 board , AN RAX frame with door, Iron runway Big, Iron runway small, Runway angle, Iron gate (12 feet X 10 feet) (single), EB change over switch with its accessories, MCB distribution board with switch, Fire extinguisher (Halon – 2.5 Kg, BCF), Stand for Water jug , Parabolic antenna, Miscellaneous Items --Concentrator 1807 ITI, 34 Mb OFC system set , Automatic voltage stabilizer system make , 12 V Power plant with stand, Power restoration alarm (hooter) make KHEAJ, Line tester CDOT make, Pumping Motor 1 Hp Texmo make, Miscellaneous Items --Magneto telephone, RAX 256 Maintenance panel, CDOT cards, Cable saver, Cable saver cards, Office repeater, Central office terminal-01 No, Remote terminal -01 No, Insulation tester, PCM repeater, 5W ringer ETP, Transmission tester, Tester No 3, Relay set, Old meter set, Ammeter/voltmeter box, AC volt stabilizer, Voltmeter valve box, Eliminator cum ringer, SPC charge controller, Ceiling fan, Miscellaneous Items --DP box(power), Fuse panel, Power main box, Avery India balance, To weigh 100 Kgs balance full set, Banana balance, 512 MDF, Stay support NW 2/15 antenna mast,Iron stage, Miscellaneous Items -- Inverter 1 KVA, FRS Complaints Line tester ITI Make, Monitors, Key board, Printer Model TVSE NOVO 130, HTL Sagam, Modem HCL MTL 2000 V6, RAX 256 Maintenance panel TES, Computer PC CEREBRA AC 230 V Sl No 97112639, Printer Wipro LX 540, Fax machine Sl. No 0222879 240 C, Cash machine TYCHE mod cc 300, Miscellaneous Items --8 Mb OLTE Bay ARM Ltd, 8 Mb OFC Bay MAC make, 140 Mb SDH Bay with cards TATA Lucent technology(Sl.No 918)*, Almonard fan, Wall mounting fan, Exhaust fan Big, Exhaust fan small, Line concentrator without cover, Line concentrator outdoor unit, Portable digital test unit (ESR 426), Duplets DB meter, Sub meter tester, Power supply unit for repeater(ITI make), Corroded starter unit, Corroded motor starter, 20 GHZ microwave counter, Battery cell --Housing shelf of 600 AH battery, Iron battery stand, Coin collecting box, Corroded runway, Scrapped Partition material, Miscellaneous Items -Recovered Pillar for 1000 Lines ,Tube light frame, Manual Fire Alarm switch, MCB board, Corroded Iron Ladder, Damaged “S” type chair, Miscellaneous Items ---EB change over switch box, Change over reversal switch, AC MCB plug& socket, Ceiling fan Usha make, Exhaust fan, Wall mounting fan, LT panel EB I/O E/A change over switch, Miscellaneous Items -- EPBT instrument, Solid state motor starter, 8 Mb MUX Equipment ITI make, EPBT Instruments, MARR tower, Miscellaneous Items -- Single Channel VHF Radio Units(PUNWIRE Make),Single Channel VHF Radio units (APEL Make),Cabinet for single channel VHF Radio units(APEL make),MARR ROT ARM Make, MARR ROT ELCOT Make,4/36 Analog MARR equipment UHF 400 MHZ band NATELCO make, Line concentrator TELENET 15/6,Misc Items --Broken wooden pieces (windows, stool , wooden stand for AC unit, ladder),Iron Rod (Supporting for batteries),“S” type chair (Broken),Air filter for E/A, Wooden door double, Iron pieces (broker nuts, screws, toiler water outlet),Broken plastics (toilet water outlet), Iron stand for Floor mounting AC ,18 Box locker,12 Box locker, Wooden battery stand ,Wooden bureau, Plywood Bureau, Wooden Table Long size, Wooden table with cub board, Plywood TV stand with shelf, Wooden rack, Wooden drawer piece, Fire extinguishers 4.5 Kg CO2 cylinder, Fire extinguishers 2 Kg cylinder, Fire extinguishers Halon small size cylinder, Wooden file shelf, Country wood packing cases, Steel cot with mosquito stand, Solid state motor starter, Iron plate (16 cm X 16 cm),Iron stand for fixing battery set., Miscellaneous Items --Ceiling Fan, Power On/Off switch (inside copper plate), MCB switch (inside copper plate), Jumper wire pieces. | Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10626959
10 Value: INR 2.05 Million (approx.) | Maintenance of GSM Antenna, Tower & Associated work in SSA. | Due on 13-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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